Clams with Rice, Spanish-Style Spaghetti with White Clam Sauce
Clams in Sesame-Ginger Sauce Clam, Spinach & Cheese Lasagne Roll-Ups

Clam Noodle Casserole Clam & Zucchini Quiche Clam Pie
Linquine & Clam Sauce Clam & Spinach Ring Steamed Clams & Rice
Clams in Green Sauce Clam & Chicken Casserole Sweet & Sour Clams
Clam Fritters Divine Clam Marinere Clam & Shrimp Marinara
Saucy Clam Bake Clam Casserole Chinese Baked Clams
Clam Quiche Clam Creole Clam Souffle
Clam Surprise Heavenly Clam Fritters Clam Hash
Scalloped Clams Clam Croquettes Clam Pudding
Indoor Clambake Clam Spaghetti  

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