Dad's Advice

1. KNOW YOUR STUFF - be an expert in your field. Strive to be a real professional in every sense of the word.
2. SEEK RESPONSIBILITY - demonstrate the desire to be an achiever. Enjoy accountability. Show a competitive spirit. Strong motivation is essential for success.
3. SHOW COURAGE - be tough; do not tolerate incom- petence. Do not alibi when the going gets rough - just fix it.
4. BE PATIENT - have the perseverance and tolerance to survive the drudgery of the day-to-day things which must be done in any bureaucracy. The willingness to go the extra mile is frequently the discriminator of a comer.
5. BE CREATIVE - develop the ability to think differently from others. Look at both sides of an issue. Perceive the real problem. Develop imaginative subordinates, friends etc.

- develop the ability to speak and write well. Learn to be a good listener.
7. BE A PLANNER - Learn to budget your time. Set priorities. Discipline yourself and your subordinates to think in long-term objectives.
8. BE AN OPTIMIST - look for success instead of failure. Develop a secure, self-confident approach which will motivate those around you. Be able to absorb disappointments and failures.
- the pressure of the job can be balanced by humor. Do not get so intense that you lose perspective. Enjoy your work.
10. SHOW COMPASSION - the recognition of human dignity is essential. Be aware of the feelings and aspirations of your co-workers. Establish a basis of mutual respect and loyalty.

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